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Our Bishop

Meet Dr. Wanda J. Sisco, an extraordinary figure whose journey in ministry has been marked by an unwavering commitment to spreading the transformative message of God's love. As the daughter of Maple Springs Baptist Church, under the mentorship of the late Rev. Chester A. McDonald, Sr., Dr. Sisco's foundation in faith and leadership was firmly established.

In 1999, she stepped into her divine calling and founded Beyond the Veil Worship Center, currently located in Northeast Washington, D.C. As the Founder and Overseer, Dr. Sisco has nurtured a vibrant spiritual community dedicated to spreading the Gospel through dynamic worship, teaching, and community engagement.

Dr. Sisco's impact extends beyond the church walls through her role as the Founder of Wanda Sisco Ministries—an outreach initiative committed to developing innovative programs. These programs, conveyed through conferences, workshops, and retreats, deliver a powerful message of God's love to the masses.

A trailblazer in the realm of Kingdom leadership, Dr. Sisco founded the International Kingdom Women’s Coalition, Inc., in 2012. This organization is instrumental in fostering Kingdom leaders nationally and internationally. In 2015, she expanded her vision by establishing the Next Dimension Global Alliance, Inc., creating a collaborative space for both church and marketplace leaders to network and strategize, advancing the Kingdom's impact.

In addition to her multifaceted accomplishments, Dr. Sisco is the esteemed author of "Hijacked into Paradise: How to Access Third Heaven and Claim Your Potential." This empowering work serves as a guide for individuals seeking spiritual elevation and realization of their inherent potential.

Dr. Sisco's influence transcends borders, having traveled to Guyana, Kingston, Jamaica, and San Jose, Costa Rica, to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As a proud mother and grandmother, her personal and familial life reflects the love and grace she tirelessly imparts to others.

In a recent elevation, Dr. Sisco has been appointed Provincial Bishop of the Mid Atlantic Province of Global United Fellowship. This prestigious role further solidifies her leadership in the ministry and her commitment to advancing the Kingdom.

In her persistent prayer, Bishop Sisco seeks the exaltation of the Lord through her life, believing that He who initiated a good work within her will continue to perform it until the day of Christ Jesus.

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Visionary, Leader, Author, Speaker, and Dedicated Servant

3433 Benning Road, NE 
Washington, DC  20019

(202) 388-5050

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